English Ashtanga Yoga (ausgefallen)

Ausfall: English Ashtanga Yoga
Do you speak English and love Yoga? You may wish to improve both your English and your Yoga practice? Then come and enjoy this brand new Ashtanga Yoga class with an English native Teacher (BWY British Wheel of Yoga trained). This ancient system involves synchronising the breath with a series of set postures, practised in sequence (Vinyasa). Whilst Ashtanga is one of the more challenging practices, the fact remains that our western bodies suffer with tight hamstrings, back-ache and a weak core, predominantly caused by our sedentary lifestyle. This class will endeavour to nurture the student into the foundations of the practice, working around these limitations. By making the necessary modifications, everyone can enjoy the benefits and the core essence of Ashtanga.
Bitte bringen Sie bequeme Kleidung und Socken und eine Isomatte mit.
Yoga-Lehrerin (BWY) Hannah Schwabe
min. 6 / max. 12
30,00 €

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